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Brand-deal.net is a place of expression open to all.

You are invited to express yourself freely while respecting everyone's opinions and rights.

This space for expression offers you the opportunity to debate and discuss the themes proposed to you by the organizers of the forum. You can if you wish to read the messages or participate in the exchange by registering. The data concerning you that you transmit to us will only be used to ensure the functioning of the forum service. They will in no case be transmitted to third parties without your prior authorization, except legal requirements. You can, if you wish, use any pseudonym that you like to choose in compliance with the following rules: pseudonyms relating to insulting profanity, evoking obscene, crude, obscene remarks, situations or practices are prohibited sexual or offensive to human dignity or decency. Also prohibited are pseudonyms which may cause a risk of confusion in the mind of the public as to the author of the message or its quality or qualification, as well as those referring directly or indirectly to a protected trade sign such as the use of the pseudonym. either denigrating or not.

Participation in the forum is free but by registering and contributing by sending a message you acknowledge having read and accept the conditions of use of the forum.

When you post a message it is likely to be read by a large number of people, even all Internet users for forums or public discussions, this act of editing may engage your personal responsibility, it is therefore advisable to 'be careful and measured.

The contributions that you post in the forum must be related to the proposed discussion topics.

This forum is moderated a posteriori, the messages that you post are directly published without any prior control. It is your responsibility to ensure that your contributions do not harm others and comply with the regulations in force. The organizers of the forum and the moderators reserve the right to withdraw any contribution that they consider inappropriate, inappropriate, contrary to laws and regulations, to this charter of use or likely to cause damage directly or not to third parties.

Posts that are not related to discussion topics or the subject of the forum may be deleted without notice by the moderators. Will also be deleted, without prejudice to any disciplinary or legal proceedings, contributions which:

1. incite discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, religion, hatred, violence, racism or revisionism

2. incite the commission of crimes

3. are contrary to public order and morality,

4. make an apology for crimes or offenses, particularly murder, rape, war crimes and crimes against humanity,

5. are offensive, defamatory, insulting or rude

6. manifestly infringe the rights of others and particularly those who damage the honor or reputation of others,

7. are linked to a clearly commercial interest or have a promotional aim without object with the forum.

The use of a pseudonym does not make anonymous, in accordance with the legislation, technical service providers are required to keep and refer to the judicial authority connection information (log, IP, date / time) allowing the continuation of the offender. All necessary information will therefore be kept for the legal duration provided. They will be destroyed at the end of the legal retention period.

The organizers of the forum reserve the right to exclude from the forum, temporarily or definitively, any person whose contributions are in contradiction with the rules mentioned in this document. The organizers may transmit to the police or justice authorities any documents or documents posted on the forum if they consider it their duty to inform the competent authorities or if the law requires them to do so.

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